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A little about me


Competitive Intelligence | Market Research | Analyst Relations | Communications | Leadership | Presentation

Sales & Marketing Enablement | Client Engagement | Multi-Channel Content Creation | Public Relations

Hiring & Training | Data Protection | Cyber Security & Cloud Solutions | Disaster Recovery 

How can I help?

With over 20 years in IT, I started on the helpdesk in the datacenter working with enterprise SAN and NAS environments.  From there I've had experience in both pre and post-sales, channel/partner management, product marketing, analyst relations, PR, social media, field enablement, and of course building and running successful competitive intelligence programs.  Competitive intelligence touches and influences every aspect of your organization and can provide value across the board - it's an exciting field to be in when you can engage with such a diverse audience.  I specialize in data protection, data management, data governance, and cyber security/recovery solutions and strategies, and am a member of the Strategic Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) as well as sitting on the advisory council for Klue (a provider of excellent Competitive Intelligence solutions).  

Whether you're looking for advice on how to augment your current competitive strategy, ethical and unbiased competitive research & analysis, or insights on the trends and market movers in the industry I can help.

Outside the office, I enjoy golfing (poorly), watching my kids play ringette, and collecting/playing boardgames.


Matt Tyrer


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